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Continuing Education

Phelan and Associates, Inc., a manufacturers rep agency based in Nashville, TN, would like to provide a hearty meal along with a 45 – 60 minute seminar over the lunch hour to members of your firm.


  • Agency Overview • An introduction of who we are, each of the product lines we represent and the services we offer the architectural community


  • Architectural Hardware 101 (1HSW)• Become familiar with nomenclature, as well as the “parts & pieces” that become an opening• Know the correct sequence for specifying door hardware• Understand basic code compliance with regard to door hardware


  • Door Hardware: Common Mistakes & Codes (1HSW)• Become Familiar with common mistakes related to codes and specifying hardware• The importance of coordinating the project manual, coordination between drawings and project manual and being clear about project demands


  • Door Hardware Submittals (1HSW)• Recognize the importance of a consistent sequence of door hardware• Determine if openings meet fire ratings, life safety codes, and accessibility standards• Learn to use hardware submittals to confirm design, function, and quality as stated in the contract documents


  • Basic Electrified Door Hardware (1HSW)• Identify openings where electrified hardware is used• Describe the functions of these openings• Recognize components that perform the functions


  • Architectural Hinges 101 (1HSW)• Become familiar with nomenclature, as well as how to specify the correct hinge foe an opening• Determine the type of hinge and bearing structure• Determine the number of hinges needed and finish and tip styles


  • Connecting the Disconnect (1HSW)• Become familiar with proper coordination between mechanical door hardware and access control• Become familiar with the differences between a system integrator and a contact hardware distributor and how they operate• Recognize and alleviate redundancy of product provided by both system integrator and contract hardware distributor


  • ADA Meeting Accessibility Standards for Openings (1HSW)• Understand doors and hardware as they relate to ADA compliancy.• Learn to use hinge side, latch side, and frontal approaches dimensions in building design.• Learn exit door signage

  • Toilet Partitions: An Industry Overview (Self-Reporting)• Types and Styles of Partitions Materials Cost Index• Hardware Options• ADA ComplianceDesigning Public Restrooms (Self-Reporting)• Discuss aesthetics and functional elements of public restroom design• Analyze code requirements for barrier free bathroom design and accessibility• Specify toilet partitions, hardware and materials for public restrooms• Implement planning criteria when calculating the number of plumbing fixtures for men and women in public buildings.

  • A Clean Slate: Hygienic Public restroom Design with WELL v.2. Now more than ever, public restrooms must be clean and comfortable for all users. However, exactly what that looks like has been up for debate. Join us in this one-hour course as we make the case for multi-stall public restrooms that address users’ concerns of privacy and hygiene through partitions, fixtures, hand dryers, and beyond


Please email or call to schedule a  Lunch and Learn

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